28 september


28 september

Aerowingo ticket sales agreement


On the Aerowingo Website, reservations and flight ticket sales can be made for up to 7 passengers (including children + adults) at a time.

It is not possible to book a flight ticket for a single child on the Aerowingo Website. Flight tickets can be booked with 1 adult. Infant passengers (0-2 years old) travel on lap, seats are not reserved by airlines for infant tickets.

You can only buy tickets with your credit card on the Aerowingo Website.

It is not possible to cancel the ticket, to change the name and to transfer a purchased flight ticket to another name and to be disclosed for reservations made through the Aerowingo website.

The issues determined by the relevant airline regarding the flight permits of pregnancy and newborn babies are valid. Aerowingo is not responsible for accepting the passenger or infant to the flight. For this reason, the information should be obtained from the airline company before making a reservation. For this reason, Aerowingo does not make any cancellations or refunds.

When you confirm the ticket purchase, the amount of the flight ticket (including taxes and other charges) is collected from the credit card used for payment. It is not mandatory for the credit card holder to be a passenger to be paid. However, it may be possible for the airline to request the paid credit card to be shown during check-in, in such a case, Aerowingo will not be liable if the credit card cannot be presented and applies for a refund due to the passenger's inability to use the flight.

Aerowingo website acts as an intermediary between the customer and the airline companies. For this reason, Aerowingo will not assume any responsibility if the flight cannot be operated due to the flight rules and restrictions in the application of the airline whose flight ticket was purchased.

Aerowingo shall not be liable for any material or moral responsibility due to the failure of the flight to start on time and/or aircraft delays, malfunctions, adverse weather, strikes, and public movements, occupancy, delay, lack of availability, force majeure, extraordinary circumstances, accidents, and similar events. All responsibility belongs to the relevant airline.

On domestic flights; You must be at the airport at the latest 90 (ninety) minutes before the scheduled departure time. On international flights; It is required to be at the airport at least 3 (three) hours before the scheduled departure time. Passengers who do not comply with these periods will lose all their rights for that flight.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

There is no cancellation refund right for charter / low cost / promotional flight tickets purchased.

Refunds and cancellation penalties will be applied within the framework of airline cancellation rules for purchased scheduled flight tickets. The Ticketing Service Fee collected during ticketing will not be refunded.

If the airlines initiate a different application in terms of change and cancellation, the current application will be taken into account.

Refundable flight tickets are refunded only to the credit card used in ticket purchases.

As a general airline rule, when it is detected that more than one reservation has been made for the same airline within the same date range for a single person, only one of the reservations determined to be duplicate will be valid as per the reservation rules, your records other than this will be canceled by the airlines without warning. For this reason, Aerowingo will not be responsible for the cancellation of all reservations if the reservation is made for the same person several times.


In order to make changes to your completed flight tickets via our website or with the assistance of Aerowingo Support Line, you can make your transaction by sending a request to the in-ticket transactions section on the Aerowingo website or by e-mail at charter@aerowingo.com.

The information you enter in the dialog box on the ticket screen for your change transactions is entirely your responsibility, it is very important that you do not make correspondence that may cause misunderstanding. Aerowingo is not responsible for any erroneous transactions resulting from correspondence.

For your change transactions, if there is a penalty or refund amount due to the class/route/flight rule of the airline, your approval will be asked on the same screen. No action will be taken that you do not consent.

Generally, after purchasing a round trip or a flight ticket with more than two routes from any airline, if the departure flight or a flight in between is not attended, subsequent flights are automatically canceled. There is no refund for unused flights.

Baggage Rights

Baggage allowances determined by the Airlines according to domestic or international flights, long, middle or close distances are essential for the ticketing made on Aerowingo website. Excess baggage is subject to a fee determined by the airline.

Luggage and pets / musical instruments etc. that need to be carried during the flight. You must forward other materials to us and get approval before purchasing the ticket. Aerowingo does not assume any responsibility if your requests to be notified to the airline as a note are not accepted by the airline at check-in. Pet / musical instrument etc. There is no cancellation/refund due to other materials.

Charter General Terms and Conditions

Charter flight means that a supplier company arranges special flights by chartering a plane from the relevant airline. Charter flights differ from regular scheduled flights in terms of both fare and flight rules. You cannot purchase charter flight tickets directly from the airline company. Airlines do not provide information about charter flights on their websites. Charter flights purchased through Aerowingo are approved by the supplier companies. When you purchase a charter flight via Aerowingo, your flight details are sent by e-mail.

When you purchase a charter flight via Aerowingo, you agree to the following items in advance. Aerowingo does not assume any liability.

• It is not possible to refund or cancel charter tickets.

• Tickets cannot be changed. It is not possible to change the date, time, route, and name.

• Passenger information must be entered exactly, completely, and accurately. Control of the accuracy of this information is entirely the responsibility of the passengers. Operator and/or Aerowingo may charge additional fees due to incorrectly entered information (passport information, name, and surname, etc.) during ticket purchase.

• One day before the flight, confirmation of the flight details must be obtained from the e-mail address of charter@aerowingo.com.

• A passport for international flights must be available at check-in. Otherwise, the passengers will not be accepted to the flight. There is no cancellation or refund of the ticket since you are not accepted to the flight due to your passport and visa. In cases where you are not allowed to enter by the country you want to go to (INAD) and/or you are sent to your home country or another country by air (DEPORTE) by the relevant security unit, it is the responsibility of the passenger, including the buyer of the priority ticket. The operator and/or Aerowingo cannot be held responsible for this in any way. Return ticket fee, penalty, all expenses, etc. In these cases, the purchaser of the ticket is fully responsible.

• During check-in, if the passenger is not accepted to the flight by the check-in staff for any reason, there is no cancellation or refund of the ticket. For this reason, in case of any problem, the passenger must submit their complaints and requests to the airline. Aerowingo cannot be held responsible for such issues.

• The operator/airline may change the flight track, date, and time due to operational reasons. Passengers are deemed to have accepted these changes in advance.

• It is recommended not to purchase a continuation flight before or after the charter flight, as there may be changes in the flight track, date, and time due to operational reasons.

• In case the passengers' name and surname are not included in the flight list due to operational reasons and therefore are not included in the flight, passengers have to accept an alternative flight in advance.

• In the event that the passengers do not have their first and last names on the flight list and therefore are not taken to the flight, they must obtain a document stating that the passengers are not accepted to the flight from the check-in/airline personnel. If this document is not presented, it is not possible to refund the ticket.

• Food and drinks may be charged during the flight.

• Aerowingo is not responsible for any problems encountered during customs entry.

• For check-in and baggage procedures, you must be present at the airport 3 hours before the departure time.

• Passengers are obliged to have the necessary documents (passport, visa, medical report, etc.) for the flight.

• No refund will be made if the passengers do not make the flight in the reservation record.

• The "General Ticket Rules" announced by the flying airline on its website or other media are valid.